In living life to the fullest!

Shani Diehl

"Your liver is failing, and you have a brain tumor." In February 2018, my world was turned upside down I was told I had Stage III Meningioma. I was close to death; how could someone at my age, no health issues, regularly vigorously exercises and eats right, be told such devastating news? Cancer is no respecter of persons. It began my fight to live. I could not imagine my son growing up without his mother and my husband being a widower. Three surgeries later, followed by proton radiation, and here I am tumor free and healthy! I am a survivor. I do not know where I would be without the incredible health care provided by my doctors and nurses here in the Inland Empire. Most importantly, my faith in God carried me through every dark moment. I wake up in the morning with renewed vigor for life and appreciation for even the mundane! Life is short… live it to the fullest and enjoy every moment!