In being an advocate!

Bret Miller

April 28, 2010, I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer, I was 24 years old. I was diagnosed after having the lump for over 7 years. I first found the lump my senior year of high school and went to two different doctors that year was told it was a calcium build up and that I was going through puberty and it would go away, eventually. The lump was directly below my right nipple about the size of a lima bean. It eventually would discharge a yellow-orangish liquid that lead me to believe it was the calcium build up dissipating, but was I wrong… Upon diagnosis my surgeon told me that I was not the first male he had performed a mastectomy on, and I would not be his last. He did however say that of all the men he had treated before I could be the first to speak out and make a difference, “the face of male breast cancer” were his words. That really hit me hard that no one was very outspoken about being diagnosed as a male, probably because it felt emasculating. That’s when I decided this must change, we immediately started the Bret Miller 1T Foundation to build awareness of Male Breast Cancer through the knowledge of survivors. In 2014, myself and Cheri Ambrose created the Male Breast Cancer Coalition. Today we have survivors all over the world sharing their stories and educating everyone about Male Breast Cancer. #MenHaveBreastsToo #TogetherWeWillChangeTheWorld