In being grateful for this cancer event

Ben Orate

When I was serving as a RN member of a federal government disaster medical team which was called DMAT (Disaster Medical Assistance Team). Our team was based in San Bernardino and deployed to Ground Zero in New York shortly after the planes crashed into the twin towers. We were the onsite medical support personnel on scene. I served for almost 2 weeks there and what I saw was indescribable to say the least. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer from my exposures and had to have a radical Prostatectomy from my Urologist who apparently was my next-door neighbor from Loma Linda.

According to the statistics from the New York Health Registry, Prostate Cancer is the 2nd highest diagnosis on the list for all the rescue personnel. So far after almost 6 years, my PSA blood tests are still negative. Without the support of my family and friends I would have a much more difficult time dealing with not only the physical trauma but also the emotional injury from Ground Zero. I am truly grateful of being part of this Believe/Cancer event both as a walker and a runner for many years now.